War Song A 5vs5 MOBA Anywhere Anytime v1.1.240 MOD

“War Song” is a MOBA title that SIXJOY develops and manages. More than 20 characters with distinctive roles appear, and you can enjoy a fair real time battle with up to 5 vs 5. Attacking the opponent on the map, attacking the tower and turret, eventually destroying the opponent’s team’s crystal will be a victory.

God of War

Early eight years since the Heirich Bishop country broke the Herdes empire and stopped the advent of the evil spirit, war never caused peace on this land. Even though each country maintained equilibrium with hare, there was a possibility that it could be broken by a slight force fluctuation. At the same time, an island of ancient ruins was discovered in a certain sea. Not only the essence of the infinite knowledge of old magicians, but also the way to manipulate the evil spirit were written in the ruins. This mighty power will undoubtedly shake heaven and earth. Adventurers, soldiers and mercenaries all over the world have landed on this island with their speculations in their hearts. What are they waiting for …?


Fight with your colleagues! “Enemy Team Destruction Team Battle: Heroes are the key to efficiently moving the team in accordance with the structure of the map, the placement of enemy friendly facilities, and the movement of the enemy. Role combination of team members is important, and strategy game ability is also high.

Operation is simple and beginners can enjoy it: Movement with virtual pad is smooth and intuitive, UI arrangement such as attack button to attack enemies (continuous attack by pressing), skill button etc. is optimized for mobile device, it is possible to play simple and stressful . Beginners of MOBA games can make progress in a short time.

Attractive heroes: More than 20 kinds of heroes of various races, such as knights, guardians, wizards and elves, appeared! Skill also has different performance such as physical, magic, control type. In addition, several kinds of avatars are prepared in the hero, and the back story is also enriched.

Leverage the role (role) of the hero: There are six kinds of roles (roles) of tank fighter, assassin, mage, marksman, and support in the hero that appears, and it is decided what kind of role to combine for each team, at which timing the skill is to be activated, Multi-battle where game situation changes every second is incandescent!

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Games are always super crazy, endless fun never let us leave our phone device without winning. Winning a game is really fun but losing a game is an addiction. Try this game, if you have never played this. Playing a game is fun only when you win; but enjoying even if you lose the game is the real fun.

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