Vampire Survivors Legacy Of Moonspell DLC – How To Get All New Characters, Weapons, And Evolutions

Vampire Survivors, the bullet-hell rogue-like that is one of GameSpot’s best games of the year, just got its first paid DLC, Legacy of Moonspell. Inspired by Japanese monster hunters, the Legacy of Moonspell includes a brand-new map, Mt. Moonspell, in addition to eight new characters and 13 new weapons and evolutions. Here’s everything included in the new Legacy of Moonspell DLC for Vampire Survivors.

New map Mt. Moonspell

The DLC only includes one map, Mt. Moonspell. This map takes place in a snowy mountain region where feudal Japanese buildings are scattered throughout. Mt. Moonspell is the largest map in the game, with a developer sharing an image showing that Dairy Plant is a fraction of the size of Mt. Moonspell. The map includes an abandoned castle, snow covered mountain, and a yokai-infested village. There are also a few unique boss battles throughout the map, although the only one related to an unlock is the Orochimario, a purple dragon that unlocks the hyper version of the map upon defeat. Orochimario does not appear to have a specific location, instead showing up late into a run.

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Vampire Survivors – how to get all new characters

Miang Moonspell, who wields the Silver Wind, is the first character you unlock in Legacy of Moonspell.

There are eight new characters to play as in the Legacy of Moonspell DLC, although you will need to unlock all of them. The majority of the new characters are members of the Moonspell clan, which focuses on fighting monsters. Each of the new characters also uses one of the new weapons as their default starting weapon. Here are all eight of the new characters and their unlock requirements, in the order you are most likely to unlock them.

  • Miang – Find and open the coffin in Mt. Moonspell
  • Menya – Evolve the Silver Wind weapon
  • Syuuto – Evolve the Four Seasons
  • Babi-Onna – Evolve the Summon Night
  • McCoy-Oni – Evolve the Mirage Robe
  • Gab ‘Et-Oni – Defeat 6000 Kappa
  • Megalo Menya – Defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Menya Moonspell
  • Megalo Syuuto – Defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run with Syuuto Moonspell

New weapons and evolutions

As for new weapons and evolutions, there are a total of 13, with seven new weapons and six new evolutions that are available. Once again, you will need to unlock these weapons by surviving with the new character who wields that specific weapon. The only one that can be found early is the Night Sword, which can be found at the peak of the snowy mountain in the center of Mt. Moonspell. Below are the seven new weapons.

  • Silver Wind – Survive 15 minutes with Miang Moonspell
  • Four Seasons – Survive 15 minutes with Menya Moonspell
  • Summon Night – Survive 15 minutes with Syuuto Moonspell
  • Mirage Robe – Survive 15 minutes with Babi-Onna
  • 108 Bocce – Survive 15 minutes with McCoy-Oni
  • Mille Bolle Blu – Can be purchased from merchant after unlocking Gav’Et-Oni
  • Night Sword – Find a Night Sword

Each of these weapons has its own evolution as well, which can be achieved by obtaining and upgrading the corresponding items. Since the DLC doesn’t include any new non-weapon items, each of the new evolutions uses one of the old items or a combination of two items. It’s important to remember that you need to fully level the main weapon before a treasure chest will give you the new evolution.

  • Silver Wind – Becomes Festive Wind with fully upgraded Pummarola
  • Four Seasons – Becomes Godai Shuffle with fully upgraded Spinach and Candelabrador
  • Summon Night – Becomes Echo Night with fully upgraded Duplicator
  • Mirage Robe – Becomes J’Odore with fully upgraded Attractorb
  • Mille Bolle Blu – Becomes Boo Roo Boolle with fully upgraded Spellbinder
  • Night Sword – Becomes Muramasa with fully upgrades Stone Mask

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