U.S. to Blacklist 30+ Chinese Companies, Including 3D NAND Maker YMTC

The U.S. government is set to add China-based 3D NAND maker YMTC to the Department of Commerce’s “Entity List” this week, along with dozens of other high-tech companies from the People’s Republic, according to a report by DigiTimes. Companies on the Entity List will not be able to procure equipment, software, and other technologies from American companies— unless the latter obtain a special export license from the DoC. 

As a maker of 3D NAND, YMTC already faced problems created by the U.S. government’s sweeping sanctions against Chinese semiconductor sector. YMTC is already unable to procure American wafer fab equipment (WFE) to make 3D NAND with 128 or more layers. As a result, four leading U.S. makers of chipmaking tools have already stopped working with YMTC, as they must get appropriate export licenses from the Department of Commerce.  

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