Tuolumne is El Capitan’s Little Brother with 200+ PetaFLOPS Performance

Earlier this week, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory announced that it began to build its El Capitan supercomputer designed to deliver compute performance of over 2 FP64 ExaFLOPS for various classified national security-related research. In addition to El Capitan, LLNL will have a smaller companion system called Tuolumne for unclassified research delivering 10% to 15% of El Capitan’s performance.

“We are planning to get an unclassified system that will be called Tuolumne,” said Bronis R. de Supinski in an interview with ExaScaleProject.org. De Supinski is the chief technology officer for Livermore Computing at LLNL. “It will be roughly between 10% to 15% the size of El Capitan.”

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