This Mac II Emulator Runs on Pocket C.H.I.P.

When it comes to emulation, there’s nothing quite like the ingenuity of the Linux community. Today we’re sharing a neat project from maker and developer Paul Rickards, aka Biosrhythm. Using a handheld Linux platform known as PocketCHIP, Rickards has set up a Mac II emulator known as Mini vMac. If PocketCHIP sounds familiar, it’s probably because we’ve previously covered a Raspberry Pi version designed to work with a Raspberry Pi CM4.

The PocketCHIP unit is battery-powered which makes it totally portable. It’s intended to work with Linux operating systems, but you do have a bit of flexibility when it comes to choosing an OS. It features a QWERTY keyboard for user input and also sports a 480 x 272px touchscreen for video output.

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