The Witcher 3 Update: CD Projekt Red Says Thanks With New Free Gear

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Next-Gen Update has revitalized one of the best open-world RPGs ever made. Originally released back in 2015, the new update for the game introduces graphical improvements, newly-implemented mods on PC, and some additional content. A highlight of the new content is a replica of the Netflix series armor that players can earn by taking on a new quest in Velen.

Thousands of players on PC and the current-generation consoles have hopped back into the various regions The Witcher 3 takes place across to experience Geralt’s final story once more. As a thank you to those players, developer CD Projekt RED has released a new slate of in-game rewards for players to redeem. These rewards are four pieces of armor (a complete set) and a matching silver and steel sword.

Below, you can see exactly what these rewards are and how to redeem them in-game.

The Witcher 3 free new gear – how to redeem the rewards

To redeem these rewards, all you need to do is load up your game and make your way to the Royal Palace in Vizima. If you haven’t progressed The Witcher 3’s story very far, you won’t have access to this area. For those that can fast-travel there, open up your inventory and go to your “Quest Items” tab. Here, you will find an unread letter from Yennefer which gives you instructions on where to go to grab the loot inside of the palace.

The door in the courtyard that you need to go through.

If her letter isn’t clear enough, you can talk to the Chamberlain at the palace and he will lead you there. In any case, you can simply take the door to the left of the throne, head into the courtyard, and then go into the door on the other end of the yard. Go past the ambassador standing at the fireplace into the other room. On the left side of this room, you will see a chest fluttering with white dots, which is the chest that contains the loot.

Inside the chest, you will find all six pieces of loot and a letter from Yennefer, which you can read from the same tab in your inventory where you found her first letter.

The chest containing the free loot.
The chest containing the free loot.

The free Witcher 3 rewards

The rewards that you receive from the chest are a part of the Thousand Flowers set. You will receive four armor pieces and two swords, all of which are viewable below:

  • Steel Sword: Sword of a Thousand Flowers
  • Silver Sword: White Widow of the Valley of Flowers
  • Chest: Armor of a Thousand Flowers
  • Gauntlets: Gauntlets of a Thousand Flowers
  • Trousers: Trousers of a Thousand Flowers
  • Boots: Boots of a Thousand Flowers

It should be noted that when we went to claim these rewards in-game, we did not receive the Thousand Flowers set. Instead, we received the White Tiger set. Our account was at level 45, which could have played a role in the differing rewards. Nevertheless, there is free gear. including new armor and swords, awaiting you at the Royal Palace of Vizima.

If you’re worried about losing this armor set by playing on a different platform, don’t worry, as you’re able to cross-save with the Next-Gen Update. You can read about exactly how that feature works in our previous guide.

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