The Outlast Trials Gets Early Access Release Date

Red Barrels announced that The Outlast Trials will launch in early access on May 18, 2023. It’s only announced for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, though it’s possible the game will come to other platforms later on.

The early access version of The Outlast Trials isn’t available to preorder just yet, but you can add it to your wishlist across Steam and Epic Games Store.

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The Outlast Trials is the third mainline game in the Outlast series, but this new installment will serve as a major departure from the rest. While it’ll feature a similar presentation as past entries, The Outlast Trials will include cooperative play, with up to four-player teams available. However, you will be able to play solo as well.

In it, you’ll play as a prisoner of the Murkoff Corporation, and it’s your job to escape alive. You’ll need to utilize stealth and the objects around you to outwit the deadly enemies that surround you.

The Outlast Trials will also include character customization, with upgradable tools, perks, and even the ability to decorate your prison cell. And, just as in past installments, you’ll need to investigate by collecting documents to find out information about the Murkoff Corporation.

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