Save Big On 7 Awesome PC Games With Fanatical’s Ripper Bundle

Fanatical recently launched its Ripper Bundle, which includes up to seven Steam games for up to 96% off. The bundle comes in two tiers, starting at $4 for six games (normally $112.94) or $7 for seven games (down from $142.93).

Among the games included are Ghost 1.0, a sci-fi-themed Metroidvania platformer where you infiltrate a well-defended space station to steal secret technology. There’s also Stirring Abyss, which melds squad-based tactics with an underwater, Lovecraftian-horror setting.

The gothic bullet-hell shooter Scarlet Tower, cyberpunk visual novel Our World is Ended, zombie-blasting FPS Blood And Zombies, and the tropical colony-building sim One More Island round out the bundle’s core roster.

Those who opt for the $7 tier will also receive Gamedec – Definitive Edition, an isometric RPG set in a cyberpunk dystopia where players investigate crimes committed in various virtual worlds. Gamedec plays like classic PC and tabletop RPGs, where the story shifts dramatically based on your decisions. The Definitive Edition adds new questlines, a harder difficulty mode, five extra character skins, and more.

As with most Fanatical deals, you also get a 5% off coupon to use on future purchases.

Ripper Bundle is the latest deal in Fanatical’s Bundlefestive event showcasing a new bundle every day from December 5-9. Be sure to check our Fanatical Bundlefest deals roundup to see what other discounts are available this week.

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Fanatical Ripper Bundle

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