Samsung DDR5-7200 Memory Chips: Small Dies, Extreme Performance

Samsung on Wednesday said (opens in new tab) it had developed its new 16Gb DDR5 memory chips featuring data transfer rates of up to 7200 MT/s. The new ICs will be mass produced next year using the company’s latest 12nm DRAM process technology. At present, the company is validating its latest memory devices with AMD. 

In addition to being fast, Samsung’s 16Gb DDR5 memory chips made using its 12nm node are said to consume up to 23% less power than predecessors (albeit it is unknown at which speed bin) and enable a 20% higher wafer productivity, which essentially means that they are about 20% smaller compared to predecessors and therefore may be cheaper to produce.  

The increased bit density and higher default data transfer rates imply that Samsung’s 12nm DRAM process technology will enable the company to make higher-density memory ICs as well as devices with higher-than-7200 MT/s speed in the future. 

(Image credit: Samsung)

Memory chips rated for an up to 7200 MT/s data transfers at nominal voltage promise to significantly increase performance of next-generation PCs that will be able to take advantage of them. Also, these ICs promise to further push boundaries of DDR5 overclocking for enthusiasts, so we should expect even faster DDR5 modules in 2023 and beyond. Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that right now the company is validating its latest DDR5-7200 chips with AMD, which may imply (although this is a speculation) that the CPU designer plans to support this speed bin rather sooner than later.

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