Things You Should Not Do on Your Smartphone

Don't do this on your phone

Warning! Your Smartphone is at Risk if you do this… Risky things you should not do on your Smartphone.

So, got mobile in the hand or pocket right now but very much concerned over its security and usage. Sometimes an irresistible headline draws your attention or a fascinating image compelled you to click on it. Eventually you are redirected to a new web page from SMS or Whatsapp that will bring more excitement to you to follow its instructions or download few so-called secure files or apps to turn your phone into magic but actually you are inviting a threat or risk to your mobile phone. In this article I will tell you things never to do with your smartphone.


1.  Never Root your Smartphone

As the word root means the underground or deep. In the terms of smartphone this word means deep and underground access to the entire phone functionalities.

Rooting is the process of changing the device internal software to allow the user to have privileged access and control over the android sub-systems.

Experts don’t recommend rooting  unless it is very necessary.  Before you root it is very important to make sure you have all side understanding of rooting.


2.  Don’t Install Apps from Unknown Sources

Downloading apps other than Google Play Store not a smart choice, other website that offer their application to download directly from its website compromises the security of your smartphone. Unknown sources consist piracy & risk of data privacy because Google has not approved that app for Play Store.

Guys, never ever install apps from unknown sources. It can be extremely harmful for your smartphone for example this can give access/control of your smartphone to the app developer silently and you will never know about this, or it can transfer your personal data and info to the developer without your permission.

The only secure apps are available on Google Play Store. It is largest app store having more than 2 million apps.


3.  Never Install Fake apps

Sometimes you even can be victim of fake apps from Google Play Store too, so it is much better if you read the users reviews of each application that is new to you, it will help you to give the clear idea that how functional that specific app is.

Just like there is an app that claims it can monitor your blood pressure by putting your thumb on the screen, does this really make sense? Nah, and never.

So, avoid this type of apps they can really do some malicious activity in the background or will try to earn via their ads. From today say no to such fake apps.


4.  Read permission description before you allow

After you installed an app from Google Play Store, most of apps asks for permission to the available resources of your phone otherwise it won’t work properly.

You have to permit but must read the permission description before tapping on it.


5.  Don’t Ignore Phone Updates

First understand the difference between the app update and phone update.

For example, if your using an app i.e. “Soft Geek”, it is working fine and you don’t need any change in it, you are very happy with its use and familiar with its interface, then I do not recommend to update that app.

But updating your phone operating system or features is very important to maintain the security and software operations of your smartphone. If you will not update the phone you will face various security failures, overheating, data connection errors, network issues.  These types of issues will be fixed automatically once you update software of your smartphone. Never ignore this update if you receive it is highly recommended to you keep your phone updated.


6.  Never Leave Phone on Charging Overnight

It is really a bad idea to leave your smartphone plugged in overnight. Don’t overcharge your mobile phone by keeping it on charging all night. Make sure you unplug it from the charger after it reaches 100%. This can be dangerous as well.

It’s better to fix a time for charging then charge the phone at that time. These days we have fast charging smartphones which usually get charged withing 30-60 minutes but if your phone does not support fast charging you should connect charger with your phone at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Your phone will be definitely fully charged.


7.  Closing Apps from Recent Apps Menu

Mostly everyone likes to open recent apps menu and start swiping left and right just to close the recent apps. Do you think closing apps from recent opened apps menu will enhance your phones speed, performance or clear memory? You are wrong buddy.

Actually, once you closed the app you actually waste your time because the next time when you will open the app it will take more time and memory to redo the launch operation. Android clears the ram itself whenever it is necessary and will make space for another app.


8.  Don’t Install Antivirus

This is something like you do not trust the apps available on Google Play Store. As stated above the security of your phone will be only compromised if you will install apps from unknown sources.

Lots of people who buy a new phone they just want to make its security tight by installing antivirus. But basically, Antivirus is for computers not for android, even if you will install Antivirus on your android it will occupy your processor, memory and battery as well, in fact you are going to waste your smartphones resources if you will install Antivirus.


9.  Using Battery Savers

The magical work of Battery saver is …………… ??? Guess What?? Yes, the magical work of Battery saver is doing nothing. It is just a piece of garbage that you install in your smartphone. The best battery saver is your phones built-in feature of Power Saving Mode or Ultra Power Saving Mode.

There are some good battery saver apps that switch off GPS, Data, Bluetooth and Wifi but this causes irritating when you need those options but your installed battery saver does not allow you to switch on when battery is low.

Isn’t it batter to switch on and off these options yourself when in need or not? So go ahead and uninstall your battery saver app.


10.  Not Restarting/Rebooting Your Phone

Let’s try to recall your memory, do you remember how many days have been passed but you never restarted or switched off your cell phone? Most of us do not restart phone for couple of week that is really not a good habit. Your phone also needs some rest like you.

It’s better to restart/reboot smartphone at least once a week. It keeps your smartphone fresh and smooth in use. What it actually does is it clears temporary cache memory and speeds up the phone.


11.  Don’t Install Memory Cleaner Apps

There are plenty of apps tells us how efficient these are in cleaning your junk files, temporary and useless files. Even these apps claim they work 100% perfect.

Their spectacular icons, name and operational animations, revolving apps icon from sky to drain or speedy cleaning with brush really make us feel good that how good app is this. We just relax and chill after doing so-called cleaning operations.

Actually, these only clears cache of some apps from your smartphone, I recommend you should do it yourself, manual cleaning is more effective.


12.  Don’t Trust Fake Messages or Offers

Someone from your contact list or an unknown number sent you a message that in which you have a lucrative message or offers, you unwillingly just think what’s bad in just give it a try, let’s click the link and try the luck.

Please do not trust trust on such messages and offers. Simple formula for understanding this is NOTHING IS FREE in this world. Why a company will choose you to reward with benefits even you have never visited or heard the name of that company?

These are totally scamming that can damage your smartphone or you can be part of fraudulent activity also by forwarding to more persons too.


13.  Don’t charge your smartphone USB

If you got an original charger with your phone then why you feel need to charge it on USB using computer with additional fake USB cable.

Don’t do it man, this is extremely slow and does not give more talk time as well.

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