Risk Of Rain Returns Is A Massive Revamp Of The Classic Roguelike

Risk of Rain Returns, a ground-up remake of the now-classic rogue, is releasing in 2023 just in time for the original game’s 10th anniversary. This new version incorporates new features and lessons learned from the sequel Risk of Rain 2.

Risk of Rain Returns features updated visuals, a revamped codebase, and plenty of new goodies and surprises. After crash-landing on the mysterious planet Petrichor V, you take the role of one of 15 survivors (including two new additions) attempting to make their way home. You will fight both monsters, pick up items to power themselves, and master escalating challenges. Risk of Rain Returns adds new items, monsters, and powers. You can also mix up the challenge by toggling game-altering artifacts before each run. The score from Chris Christodoulou returns with new additions. The game also features couch co-op and online play for up to four players.

The game was announced as part of the Inside the House of Indies holiday event. Over on the official Nintendo website, as well as the official YouTube channel, you can check out mini-Directs for a variety of indie games. The event started yesterday and will continue until December 24.

You can wishlist Risk of Rain Returns on the Nintendo Switch eShop and on Steam. It releases in 2023.

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