Raspberry Pi Pico’s RP2040 Gives Brains to This Custom Lego Brick

Grab and drink, sit back and relax to just over 12 minutes of pure joy. Merging Lego and our favorite microcontroller, the RP2040 as featured in the Raspberry Pi Pico. The project’s creator, AncientJames is no stranger to these pages, having made an STM32 version in mid 2022. The goal is to integrate an RP2040 board inside a replica of the Lego Space series computer terminal, but AncientJames goes way beyond that goal to bring us an utterly delightful build process.

AncientJames’ video starts with removing a series of RP2040 based PCBs from a panel. A little light sanding to remove any burrs and we are then left with the task of soldering the panels that make up the terminal. AncientJames has cleverly created a 3D printed jig (which any of our Best 3D Printers could easily print) that holds the parts in place as they solder. Their choice of soldering iron appears to be the TS80P, which we reviewed as part of our guide to the Best Soldering Irons and Stations. The TS80P is a decent iron, but in our review we found that the newer TS101 is a much better choice if you are looking for a smart soldering iron. The final piece of careful soldering is a .42 inch OLED display with a flat flex connector and a razor sharp 72 x 40 pixel resolution. The resolution may be small, but the quality is crystal clear. Another custom jig is pressed into service as a means to secure the screen to the PCB while a blob of epoxy dries.

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