Raspberry Pi Pico W Powers Tiny Recycled Bluetooth Boat

The Raspberry Pi Pico has been used for tons of cool RC projects from simple robotic cars to robotic drones. Today we’re excited to share something on the nautical side created by Mr. Nr from YouTube channel Lily’s Planet. Using our favorite SBC, he’s created what he calls the Niki boat. It uses the Pico to drive a tiny RC boat built entirely from scratch by Mr. Nr using recycled bottles. So not only do you have the fun of playing captain, you get to help the environment along the way.

The Pico is responsible for driving a tiny motor that causes the boat to locomote across the water. It also is able to be controlled remotely thanks to its Bluetooth support. In this project, Mr. Nr has created a mobile phone app that can be used as a controller so all you need to pilot this teensy ship is a smartphone.

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