Raspberry Pi Pico Intelligently Warms Your Butt

There are so many Raspberry Pi projects we’ve seen that just warm our bones but this is the first that aims to warm our butts. Maker and developer Alan43, as he’s known as over at Hackster, grew tired of the chilly effects that come with cold weather and sought to combat the issue by developing a solution with the Raspberry Pi Pico. The end result was this Pico-powered butt warming cushion that uses ChatGPT and web crawling to determine the weather and heat his hind end accordingly.

Sure you could buy a heater and turn it on when you get cold but for many makers, it’s much more fun to create a system that does something for you. In Alan’s case, he complained that his butt was seemingly always cold. The obvious solution was to use the power of artificial intelligence to automate a system that will set his butt to a comfortable temperature.

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