Raspberry Pi Pico Hero Handheld Emulates Sega Mega Drive

Raspberry Pi Pico handhelds might not be new anymore, but this one, developed by a maker known as Phlash Thunderstorm over at YouTube, definitely kicks things up a notch. Phlash Thunderstorm dubs the project the Pico Hero. It’s bigger than modules like the PicoSystem by Pimoroni and is open-source for anyone who wants to make one at home.

According to Phlash Thunderstorm, the goal was to create their own unique take on a Pico-powered gaming handheld. While you can find plenty online, the idea here was to make one with a larger screen, better speaker, and custom form factor with a little artistic flair. The result is this impressive little handheld that can run custom, homebrew games and even emulate other systems.

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