Raspberry Pi Mows Your Lawn So You Don’t Have To

There’s nothing quite as grueling as working for hours in the hot summer sun. If you’ve got a yard that needs mowing, you may want to take the time to automate the process with a Raspberry Pi like maker and developer Ulli from the YouTube channel Greenkeeper with Raspberry Pi. Ulli has been hard at work for months perfecting an automatic mower that mows your yard for you so you can sit back, relax and still get work done.

According to Ulli, he’s been working alongside TGD-Consulting, a German IT firm, to develop the mower and create some software that’s effective and easy to use. As of right now, the project is still in development so it’s not quite finished yet. Most recently, Ulli has 3D printed a chassis for the basic hardware components that enable them to test the latest software release.

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