Raspberry Pi Alternative Banana Pi Seeks Community Input For Next Board

Raspberry Pi alternative Banana Pi is crowdsourcing ideas from its Twitter followers for an update to its BPI-R3 Router board. In the tweet we can see a much smaller form factor, hence the tweet announces the board as the BPI-R3 Mini.

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Banana Pi’s BPI-R3 Mini is something we expect to see in 2023, and that means we can only guess at the price — but it will probably be lower than the $90 of its predecessor. It looks like the BPI-R3 Mini is currently in the early stages of development, as we’ve only seen a number of renders and Banana Pi is asking for community input. Take any specifications with a pinch of salt until we get an official wiki listing.

(Image credit: Banana Pi)

The BPI-R3 Mini’s form factor is nothing like a Raspberry Pi. Shaped like a plus symbol, the board’s top and bottom edges are dominated by ports. At the bottom are two 2.5G Ethernet ports and a single USB-C; at the top, a lone USB 2 port and nano SIM slot.

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