Raijintek Zofos Ultra Boasts Fourteen 3.5-Inch Drive Bays

Cases and cooling specialist Raijintek has decided to go big with its latest PC chassis release. The Raijintek Zofos Ultra full tower case will barely fit under a standard desk at just under 2 feet tall and deep. However, power users may find the Zofos Ultra alluring thanks to its impressive-looking cooling and max compatibility figures, as well as its headlining ability to comfortably fit in up to fourteen 3.5-inch drives.

The Raijintek Zofos Ultra demands to be described in terms of its sheer size and capacity. The case measures 254 x 598 x 597 mm which is a little over 45 liters in volume. A standard desk height is about 720 mm from the floor to the desk top, and smaller desks might only be 600 mm from front to back. Nevertheless, under-desk placement will make the Zofos Ultra top right corner-mounted I/O ports comfortable to reach. If you place this case next to your monitor, though, it will mean the I/O ports are out of sight and only just within reach while sitting. The Zofos Ultra is 17 kg (37.5 pounds) unpopulated.

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