Purported Intel Core i7-14700K Benchmarks up to 20% Faster in Multi-Threaded Workloads

A seasoned Twitter-based hardware leaker has shared a screenshot which seems to show the results of an Intel Core i7-14700K put through a trio of benchmarks. WXnod shared a screenshot a few hours ago, without comment, and in it you can see that the supposed Raptor Lake Refresh chip has been tested in AIDA64, Cinebench, and CPU-Z. Compared to its predecessor, the Core i7 13700K, the new chip appears to be as much as 20% faster in multi-threaded workloads.

(Image credit: WXnod)

The Intel Core i7-14700K is a expected to be a particularly interesting member of Raptor Lake Refresh as, according to the latest information, it is unique in delivering a reconfigured core spec. To explain that, while its predecessor offered an 8P + 8E core configuration, the refreshed model is rumored to come with 8P + 12E. WXnod’s leak has all core configuration details blurred out, for some reason. However, fellow Twitter hardware tipster Harukaze5719 has ridden to our rescue, augmenting this leak with a Baidu-sourced screenshot complete with core configuration data. See below.

Working through the on-screen data, we can see that the chip which is under is identified by the software as a Raptor Lake-S model, for the LGA 1700 socket, fabricated using 10 nm lithography (Intel 7), which boosts up to 5.5 GHz in this example, and has a TDP of 125W.

Raptor Lake Refresh sysinfo

(Image credit: Harukaze5719)

The screenshot purportedly shows that the Intel Core i7-14700K offers a base clock of 3.40 GHz, and a core configuration detected as offering 20C / 28T. This fits with 8P + 12E cores (16 + 12 threads).

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