Prusa Adds Brands to Right to Repair 3D Print Service

Prusa Research, famous for its range of 3D printers, today announced that it is working with heavyweights in the PC and maker industries to provide 3D printable replacement parts, upgrades and models via its online portal. Familiar names such as Cooler Master, Raspberry Pi, Noctua and Framework Computer now offer their models via this free service.

Prusa Research’s online portal, Printables, is akin to Thingiverse. They are both a repository / library of objects that users can download and print on the best 3D printers. In addition, Prusa and its new partners offer replacement parts via the new Brands portal. Here, we can see brands offering a range of 3D printable replacements, upgrades and consumables for their products. All of the models are provided free of charge. Brands will have a verified badge and banner to distinguish them from community-created models. But this badge is not exclusive to just the brands; notable designers in the community have also been awarded this distinction.

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