PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 Shows Total Hours Played, Trophies Earned and More

PlayStation released its 2022 Wrap-Up today for all PS4 and PS5 users. From now until Jan. 13, 2023, users can sign in to their PlayStation account from the Wrap-Up page and see all their gaming highlights. 

Similar to Spotify Wrapped, PlayStation Wrap-Up provides users with their 2022 data on a shareable summary card. Players can see their total hours played, games played, trophies earned and PS Plus games played. Lastly, see your top game of 2022, how many hours spent playing and the percentage that game took up of your total playtime. 

This year, Sony is adding a bonus to PlayStation Wrap-Up. Once players finish reviewing their Wrap-Up, PlayStation users will be able to obtain a voucher code for one of six Astro Bot avatars. Depending on your gaming achievements, you will receive a code for a 2022 Wrap-Up, Action-Adventure, Fight, Racing, Shooter or Sports avatar. Although, each Astro Bot is achievable. 

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