PC RAM Price Declines Are Slowing, Says TrendForce

The DRAM price drops seen in recent quarters are slowing, according to a new report by TrendForce. The computer industry market researchers say that, in the current quarter, we will only see DRAM prices decline in the region of 0-5%. This figure contrasts with Q2 2023 DRAM price decline of between 13-18%. These headline figures are for the DRAM market as a whole (including sever, mobile, graphics), but also hold true for the segment that interests us most – PC DRAM.

According to TrendForce, one of the reasons that DRAM price declines have slowed is that the big three manufacturers have been cutting their production. Such action may provide temporary relief for the producers, but attempting to artificially create scarcity, and running production much slower than it could be, isn’t usually a sustainable strategy in a competitive market. We would rather DRAM makers spur demand by making higher capacity RAM configurations more affordable, for example.

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