Oracle Ports Database to Arm-Based Ampere CPUs: Might Ditch Intel and AMD

Oracle this week said that it had ported its Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition, the current long-term support release of Oracle Database, to Ampere’s Altra processors that use the Arm instruction set architecture (ISA). The move marks a milestone both for Ampere and Arm ISA as Oracle is one of the most widely used enterprise software suites.

Separately, the company said that eventually it might ditch x86-based instances running Database on processors from AMD and Intel from its data centers in favor of instances enabled by Ampere CPUs. Oracle hopes that by tailoring its Database software for Ampere’s single-thread CPUs, it will tangibly increase performance efficiency of its data centers. Furthermore, Ampere, in which Oracle is a lead investor, could also implement tweaks into CPUs to better run Oracle’s Database.

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