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Congratulations! Your search is over and you have successfully found a page where you can download Flash / MTP / USB, ADB, CDC, VCOM, Qualcomm drivers of Oppo RX17 Neo mobile phone. You can simply download and install Oppo RX17 Neo Flash / MTP / USB, ADB, CDC, VCOM, Qualcomm Driver Driver.


What is Oppo USB Driver for Mobile Phones?

Oppo Flash / MTP / USB Driver for mobile phones is a small installation utility that lets application developers test the apps on the required mobile device. Sometimes it’s difficult to run swift tests and perform certain operations on a mobile phone without a Driver. USB Drivers for mobile phones make it possible for Android devices. Most Oppo devices don’t encounter any issue for data transfer and let users make connections between devices easily, even without the driver. In a few cases where users are unable to connect mobile phones and computers (or any other device), they need a driver.

Most importantly before you move to download, make sure you know how to install your required drivers for your mobile phone. Please watch the video at the end of this post and follow simple steps for installing drivers then you are done. Sometimes, in most mobile phones you may need to enable USB debugging in Developer Options.

How to Enable USB debugging.

Follow the steps to enable USB debugging (settings may vary slightly due to the updated OS version).  1. Open apps drawer and tap Settings  –  2. Go to About Phone / Device. In the list find Build Number and tap it 8-10 times fast. After it you may see a pop-up message “you are now a developer” –  3. Now go back and tap Developer options, scroll down and tap Enable USB debugging. • Bingo!!!! You have done it.

Which Windows version supports Oppo USB Driver for Mobile Phone?

This USB Driver supports all Windows Operating Systems. For example Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Does it support Mac OS?

No, this driver does not support any Mac OS, this will only work on windows based desktops or laptops.

Is Oppo USB Driver for Mobile Phones free?

Yes. This USB Driver is absolutely free for Oppo users officially. There is no option for payment on any website or in-app payments likewise other manufacturers offer to ask for payment for removal advertisements.

Is USB Driver for Mobile Phones safe?

Yes, definitely 100% safe you download it from Oppo’s official website or from any trustworthy website. Deep research on driver files further revealed, no malicious codes in program files were found.

Supported devices for Oppo USB Driver?

Oppo USB Drivers supports all Oppo mobile phones with the Android Operating System. Any Oppo mobile which has an older operating system other than Android won’t work with this driver.

Is Oppo USB Driver for Mobile Phones offline or online?

You don’t need an internet connection to install this installer file. All you need to extract the .exe file from the downloaded .zip file and then run the installer.

How to install this USB Driver?

For your convenience, a video tutorial has been created, you can watch and learn from the video at the end of this post

Please watch the video tutorial – How to Install USB Driver for Mobile Phone.




What is ADB Driver?

ADB Driver helps android developers to work on errors and bugs in their Android apps. It can be operational only if you install ADB drivers for a specific mobile model and then connect a device that runs the program through a computer or laptop. ADB allows the developer to modify your android device (mobile or tablet) through  DOS-based computer command line (usually Run > CMD).

How to Install Oppo ADB Driver

Step 1- Go to Device Manager on your computer and click Action and choose to add the legacy hardware

Step 2- Click Next & choose to select the hardware manually to Install from list Advanced then Click on Next

Step 3- Click Show all devices, click on Next & click on Have disk

Step 4- Select Browse and choose Oppo driver file from the path you downloaded and click OK

Step 5- Choose the Android ADB interface and click on Next

Step 6- Oppo USB driver installation will be started, click Next to follow steps and Finish



What is CDC Driver?

CDS stands for Communications Device Class, it is a composite Universal Serial Bus device class. The communication device class is only used for computer networking devices akin to a network card that provide an interface for transferring Ethernet or ATM frames onto some physical media.
How to Install Oppo CDC Driver

Step 1- Go to Control Panel and open Device Manager

Step 2- Click Action & choose Add Legacy Hardware then click Next

Step 3- Choose to install the hardware manually from a list and click Next

Step 4- Click Show all devices then click Next

Step 5- A pop up will appear > Select the CDC driver folder from the path you downloaded and click OK

Step 6- Click Next to start the hardware installation process.

Step 7- Once all done, you will notice the message Completing the Add Hardware Wizard, Click Finish



Oppo VCOM Driver

How to Install Oppo VCOM Driver

Step 1 – Go to Control Panel and open Device Manager

Step 2 – Right-click on your username and select Add Legacy hardware then click on Next

Step 3 – Click Next & choose to select the hardware manually to Install from list Advanced then Click on Next

Step 4 – Click on Show All Devices and click Next

Step 5 – Click on Have Disk and select .inf from the path you downloaded & click on Next

Bingo!!! Your Oppo VCOM Driver is successfully installed.



Download  Oppo Qualcomm Driver



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