Nvidia Subtly Digs AMD and Intel Over Frequency of Driver Updates

Nvidia’s senior product manager Sean Pelletier took a jab at AMD and Intel earlier this morning on Twitter, with a spreadsheet showing off how capable Nvidia’s driver development team is compared to the competition. The spreadsheet shows how many fully certified, non-beta driver updates Nvidia has published over the past two years, and how those updates feature significantly more game support compared to AMD and Intel. The Tweet subtly criticizes Intel and AMD’s lack of numerous driver updates for its GPUs, and suggests the company’s driver packages are lower quality.

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This is the second time Nvidia has subtly bashed its competitors over “inadequate” GPU driver updates just this year, and this appears to be a growing trend from Nvidia. In a driver development blog post earlier this year, Nvidia really prided itself in not-making beta drivers whatsoever. Making sure to note that beta drivers are “sub-par” and made with minimal testing. It’s an obvious jab at AMD, who releases beta drivers liberally.

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