Nvidia Software QA Manager Says Long-Awaited DPC Latency Fix Is Ready

Nvidia is on the verge of releasing a fix for its ongoing driver DPC latency issues. In a Twitter post, Nvidia’s software quality assurance spokesperson Manuel Guzman said a fix is ready. However, the update release still had to go through the standard QA testing procedure before distribution.

While Nvidia has gone to great lengths to minimize input latency and improve responsiveness with projects like Nvidia Reflex, users of its drivers have been suffering from DPC latency issues for several GPU generations.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

If you are blissfully unaware of DPC latency, it is system latency introduced by a Deferred Procedure Call (DPC) in Windows. DPCs were designed for high-priority tasks to defer required but lower-priority tasks for later execution. However, DPC buffers can get filled, resulting in stutters, skips, and similar glitches in video and audio. These jarring latency symptoms are highly undesirable in gaming, viewing videos, and creating or listening to music.

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