Netflix unveils a terrifying AI in the first teaser for Jung_E

Current AI concerns revolve mostly around art and chatbots, but in the future of Jung_E, things are a little more intense. The first teaser for the sci-fi film features a company called Kronoid Lab introducing what it describes as the “most advanced AI combat warrior.” We don’t actually get to see it in action — it’s just a brief teaser, after all — but it seems pretty clear that things aren’t going to go as planned. I mean, this is the premise:

In a post-apocalyptic 22nd century, a researcher at an AI lab leads the effort to end a civil war by cloning the brain of a heroic soldier — her mother.

Jung_E is the latest project from Yeon Sang-ho, best known for the zombie film Train to Busan, as well as the Netflix series Hellbound. The cast includes Kim Hyun-joo and Ryu Kyung-soo, both of whom appeared in Hellbound, and will also mark the final appearance of actress Kang Soo-yeon, who passed away earlier this year. It starts streaming on January 20th.

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