Modder Promises DLSS 3 Integration Early in ‘Starfield’

Upscaling modder PureDark announced he will mod DLSS 3 into Bethesda’s new space role-playing game, Starfield,  when the game enters its early access phase. The modder is going through the trouble based on the fact that Starfield is an AMD-sponsored title, and assuming that Bethesda (Starfield’s developers) will not add DLSS to the game. According to PureDark, he will add frame generation first, then slowly start implementing DLSS 2 upscaling after the game leaves early access.

PureDark is a pretty well-known modder at this point and is particularly known for his work in Jedi: Survivor, where he was able to nearly double the game’s frame rate by modding DLSS 3 frame generation into the game when it first came out with all of its performance problems. He’s built up quite a large following recently and now actively “sells” his mods through Patreon, where gamers can sign up to grab his latest mods. 

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