Marvel Snap Winterverse Event Includes Daily Rewards, Holiday Variants

Marvel Snap is introducing its first holiday-themed event, starting today (December 20) and going through January 2. The Winterverse event will offer snowy variants that you can find, daily login rewards, and a special bundle available in the shop.

The daily login rewards will consist mostly of credits, boosters, and gold, but there will be two even better rewards on particular days. On Christmas day, December 25, you can claim a special Nick Fury variant with a Samuel L. Jackson autograph emblazoned on it. Then on New Year’s Eve you can get a Black Panther avatar rendered in the style of the recent Hero music video.

During the Winterverse event you’ll also be able to randomly find new holiday variants when opening Collector’s Reserve boxes. Those include Winterverse variants of Abomination, Ebony Maw, Patriot, Rockslide, and Rogue.

Marvel Snap Winterverse variants

Two new cards will debut during the event as well: Sentry and Darkhawk. Sentry creates a -8 power portal that counteracts his own power, while Darkhawk gains power for each card in your opponent’s deck. Finally, the shop will sell a Winterverse bundle with a special Sunspot variant and avatar, along with 2000 tokens, 8000 credits, 100 Sunspot boosters, and a “Tacos After This?” title.

Marvel Snap is the debut game from Second Dinner, a new studio formed by Hearthstone veterans. It made a splash right away, earning a spot in our Best Games of 2022. The studio has already laid out a roadmap for early next year, which includes much-requested features like battle mode versus your friends and artist credits.

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