Martyred Journalist Shahid Ashraf Zahri remembered

Sindh, Pakistan –

Wazir Ahmed Mahar, the Central President of the Regional Union of Journalists (Haqeeqai) Pakistan Rai Sajjad Khan Kharl, recently visited the gravesite of martyred journalist Shahid Ashraf Zahri. During his visit, Kharl paid tribute and recited fateh for eternal peace in Zahri’s honor.

Wazir Ahmed Mahar, Central President of the Regional Union of Journalists, during the visit praised Zahri for being an honest, hardworking journalist whose commendable services will be remembered throughout history. He added that the martyred journalist was courageous and outspoken in his profession, serving as a conduit for people’s voices to reach higher authorities.

Despite Zahri’s selfless contributions to journalism, Mahar emphasized that the authorities had neglected his services and called for their immediate support and compensation to Zahri’s family.