Intel Rolls Out 16nm Process Technology: A Low-Cost, Low-Power FinFET Node

Intel Foundry Services has introduced its new 16nm-class process technology called Intel 16 to address mobile, RF, IoT, consumer, storage, military, aerospace, and government applications. The new technology complements Intel’s 22nm FFL process and is said to be an inexpensive FinFET-based node.

According to press releases from Synopsys, Cadence Digital and Ansys, IFS’s Intel 16 is specifically designed to address a wide variety of customers’ applications RF and analog capability (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth), mmWave, consumer electronics, storage, military, aerospace, and government applications. The 16nm-class technology promises to offer higher transistor density, higher performance, lower power, fewer masks, and simpler back-end design rules compared to planar production nodes used for these applications today.

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