Intel Pulls the Plug On Cascade Lake HEDT, Workstation CPUs

Intel had already discontinued some of its Cascade Lake Xeon processors due to tough competition from AMD’s EPYC Rome lineup. Many Cascade Lake SKUs had survived the cut. After three long years, Intel has decided to axe some of the remaining survivors.

Intel launched Cascade Lake in 2019 to replace Skylake. Cascade Lake was an optimized version of Skylake, representing the optimization phase in Intel’s process–architecture–optimization development model. The 14nm processors were available in different presentations, including Cascade Lake-X for the HEDT, Cascade Lake-W for workstations, and Cascade Lake-SP and Cascade Lake-AP for servers. In a new Product Change Notification (PCN), Intel has discontinued the company’s Cascade Lake-X and Cascade Lake-W lineup. The termination applies to both tray and boxed processors.

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