Intel B760 Motherboards Reportedly Receiving 10% Price Increase Over B660

According to a report by ITHome, Intel’s upcoming B760 chipset motherboards will receive a price hike when they launch early next year. Prices will reportedly increase 10% over Intel’s previous generation B660 platform. This will represent a 10% higher cost-to-entry for Intel’s latest mainstream CPU platform, and potentially result in some competition within Intel’s own walls between B760 and B660 – both of which support Intel’s latest Raptor Lake CPUs.

Unfortunately, details on B760 remain minimal since the launch of Raptor Lake. But what we do know is that B760’s feature set will remain largely the same as B660, with the only changes that we know of consisting of PCIe Gen 4 and PCIe Gen 3 reconfigurations. This will include a PCie Gen 3 degradation from eight to four lanes, but a PCIe Gen4 upgrade from 6 to 10 lanes.

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