IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier

IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier Fake Products Detector

IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier Fake Products Detector new tiny piece of device. Using AI and blockchain can now turn your phone into a fake products detector. There are numerous fake products in market for every industry, this device can save you from loss.

You have to just open the app, take a picture of what you want to have validated. And programme is able to determine what is unique about the item.

IBM Crypto Anchor Verifier Fake Products Detector detects counterfeit products easily. Certainly the goods forged like high-priced wine, diamonds, and medicines. This tiny device works on two technologies; artificial intelligence and optical imaging.

Furthermore, this device can differentiate a real diamond from a fake one, and can analyze the quality of water and detect bacteria like E.coli in it. In fact, it’s so accurate it distinguishes natural ear of corn from one that’s is genetically change. Even more, that entire system can be scaled down to use in even a smartphone with a camera.


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