How To Play CoD: Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid

Modern Warfare 2’s mid-season “Reloaded” update for Season 1 is now live, and the big update added Call of Duty’s first-ever Destiny-style Raid. Unfortunately, you can’t jump in right away, as there are some prerequisites to consider. Here is everything you need to know to play Episode One: Atomgrad.

What are Raids in Modern Warfare 2?

Raids continue the story of Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, and this is a trio mode with a mix of stealth, action, and puzzle-solving objectives. Episode One: Atomgrad launched on December 14 with Season 1 Reloaded, and Infinity Ward confirmed a new Raid episode would be added for each future season of Modern Warfare 2, confirming the game would have five seasons total.

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How to access the Raid

Call of Duty’s Raid is not included in the free-to-play Warzone 2 application, and you’ll need to have purchased Modern Warfare 2 to play. Additionally, you will need to earn a Raid Assignment, which is the credential needed to actually play the Raid.

A Raid Assignment can be earned one of three ways:

  • Complete a specific daily challenge either in multiplayer or Spec Ops
  • Place within the top 20 in any Warzone 2 BR playlist
  • In DMZ, use the final exfil helicopter with at least $30,000 in cash

Once a Raid Assignment is earned you can bring any two squadmates with you, or you can join a friend who already has their Raid Assignment. Only one person needs the credentials for those in their group to play with them.

Owners of a Raid Assignment will have access to the Raid for a full week. After the weekly reset, you or a teammate will need to complete one of the three tasks again to earn a new Raid Assignment.

The easiest method will likely be completing a multiplayer daily challenge, as the Spec Ops daily challenges can be a bit more time consuming. On the Warzone side, DMZ can be a time-consuming and risky choice, but placing top 20 shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for battle royale players.

Find your Raid buddies in advance

Unfortunately, Modern Warfare 2’s Raid doesn’t feature matchmaking, and there is no option to go into the Raid either solo or as a duo. You must have two players who you can invite to join you for this trio mode. This choice to omit matchmaking was confirmed in a recent video with Infinity Ward developers who put an emphasis on teamwork and communication for the Raid, saying, “No one fights alone.”

How to unlock Hard mode

Modern Warfare 2’s Raid comes with an optional harder difficulty, but you’ll need to successfully complete the Raid once to unlock Hard mode. Just like the standard Raid, you’ll need to have two teammates ready to join you, as there is no solo or duo option here. The same weekly Raid Assignment prerequisite will be required for Hard mode.

The Raid utilizes Spec Ops class-based Kits, and you’ll want to consider having at least one Kit to level five before attempting the mission. Here is our guide to leveling Spec Ops Kits and preparing them for the Raid. Season 1 Reloaded also added a new gun for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, so make sure to check out our guide to unlock the Chimera assault rifle.

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