How to Force Stop Running Apps on iPhone X

How to Force Stop Running Apps on iPhone X

So, you guys have just bought your latest Apple iPhone X and wondering to explore its features trying to learn and very excited to be master of it. That’s really a great idea! In the game of learning you have opened a lot of application and now are you stuck with running applications and unable to close these apps? Have you tried all the tricks that came with iPhone 6, 7, 8 but none of these worked? Aahaa.. Don’t worry today I am going to show you how to force stop running apps on iPhone X.


Okay read the instructions and follow simultaneously on your iPhone X, if can’t do that try to repeat that step.



Step 1 ) See the screenshot, swipe up from the bottom as shown in the image below.

Step 1


Step 2 ) Now tap and hold your finger on the middle of the application page showing in your iPhone X.

Step 2


Step 3 ) Then you will notice red minus sign on top left of the app page.

STep 3


Step 4 ) Swipe left/right and click on the red minus sign to close the desired application.

step 4


Bingo!!! You have done it… That’s it.



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