How to Fix a Noisy 3D Printer: 10 Possible Solutions

You have been 3D printing for a while, and your machine starts producing some strange noises out of the blue. What steps do you need to take to fix it? Most of us will conclude that it has become old and must purchase another or look for a professional to fix it. That should not be the solution, as you can solve the issue alone. 

3D printer noise is a common issue, and even if you have never encountered it you might experience it one day. It is most common in do-it-yourself FDM 3D printers and cheaper ones; however, even the best 3D printers might experience the same issue. Below, we break down the leading causes of 3D printer noises and how to solve them.

Main Causes of Noise in 3D Printers and How to Solve Them

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