How to Edit a PDF with Free Software

How to Edit a PDF with Free Software

Have you ever wanted to edit the PDF but do not have the program or skills about how to edit it? If you have skills but do not have the program to edit it and you don’t want to spend huge amount on purchasing PDF editing software? If yes, why you are getting frustrated, I am here to teach you How to Edit a PDF with Free Software, yes absolutely free because Inkscape is Free and Open Source Software licensed under the GPL.


Let’s Start and follow the steps.


Step 1 ) Open your browser (I recommend Chrome) and write and press enter.
Step 1



Step 2 ) The website will open, click on Download to download its application.
Step 2


Step 3 ) Scroll down a little and click All platforms.

Step 3

Step 4 ) Scroll down and select your operating system and application format, in my case I have to download Windows : 64-bit : exe
Step 4


Step 5 ) Once downloaded, install it form the location.
Step 5


Step 6 ) Follow the installation process, install it and run it.
Step 6


Step 7 ) the interface will look like this (may change after updates in the program).
Step 7


Step 8 ) Go to File Menu > Open (Open the file that you want to edit)
Step 8


Step 9 ) PDF Import Settings will appear, I recommend to go with default settings and Click OK.
 Step 9


Step 10 ) Once the document is open, review the tools from left side and select the desired tool. If you need to edit text select A tool and click on the text you want to edit, edit all changes.


Tools are very easy to understand even for the beginner, I have made following changes.


See the changes I have done and marked in red for you. Isn’t it good you can even play with logo and images.


Step 11) Once done with changes, it’s time to save back into PDF format. Go to File > Save As, from Save As type drop down list select Portable Document Format.pdf and click Save.


All set and done, your new PDF file is ready to use.


Stay tuned, soon I will upload a video tutorial for this.


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