Google Files Go launched in China

Google Files Go

Google has lunched Google Files Go in China. A lots of Google products are banned in China. Google is trying it’s hard to strengthen his position and win users trust in China.

Files Go is a storage management tool for smartphones, that can help people free up space for low-end devices.

Google has exclusively released a China-specific version of Files Go. As like other applications Google Play Store is also banned in China.  Google launched this app with another third-party Chinese app stores Baidu’s, Xiaomi’s and Huawei’s. Furthermore, Google’s consumer services are largely blocked in China. Its Android operating system is used widely by top smartphone vendors, including Xiaomi and Huawei phones. It’s worthwhile to mention Google released its Google Translate app in China previous year. It is maintained by Google’s local joint venture.

Google is expanding its presence in China, Google has established an AI center in Beijing. Moreover, recently it opened a new office in Shenzhen.


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