Google Duplex is your Personal Secretary in Pocket

Google has announced an excellent technology in 2018. Google Duplex is a new Assistant feature (assume it as a gorgeous personal secretary) that can do all your tasks for you over the phone.  It will call and talk on your behalf to the call recipient, it will  communicate with the recipient in a natural way so he won’t be able to recognize either its a person or your smartphone. It can make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, schedule an appointment at a hair salon, or call businesses to check their opening hours. But remember it can not handle your wife. Lol 🙂

How it works?

When you are extremely busy and want to make your calls/appointments done by Google Duplex you just have to do is run Google Assistant and say something like, “Book a table for five at Dawn Pizza at 9 pm tomorrow,” immediately Google Duplex will do the task and talk to representative at Pizza restaurant for your table. This AI feature will make a call at the Dawn Pizza and make a reservation in a very natural and human voice.  After the call, you’ll get a notification on your phone confirming the reservation.

Google Duplex will definitely increase productivity. It’s an amazing feature busy persons to deal with less important tasks like booking a Pizza table. It’s also great for people who struggle with hearing problems or phone anxiety. Even better, the feature could be a lifesaver for travelers or people who don’t speak the local language well.

Launch date?

The launch of this feature is expected in the 2018. It will be tested with minor tasks first like scheduling hair-cut, making reservations. It is believed that this feature will be improved with passage of time and become capable of taking on other tasks as well.

There’s no confirm news about when the feature will be officially released.

The Twist

Assume you ask your Google Duplex to schedule a hair-cut, the phone rings and on other side the one who receives call is also Google Duplex, how this will be tackled? Imagine!! Don’t worry technology is getting smarter, Google duplex will handle both sides.

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