Gigabyte M32UC Review: Snappy Gaming Performance and Premium Image Quality

4K 144 Hz gaming monitors have been a popular item lately, with new models appearing almost weekly. I’ve reviewed many of them, and aside from the high-end full-array and Mini LED backlight panels, they are often difficult to differentiate. Only small differences in color accuracy and gaming performance can be found. This is good for consumers because it’s hard to find a bad display. They all perform roughly the same, with the best earning a spot among the Best 4K Gaming Monitors.

What I haven’t seen much of in this category are monitors using VA technology. When I unwrapped the Gigabyte M32UC and saw its curved VA panel, I immediately thought, “how many of these have I tested before?” The answer is surprising. I only found one other example, the 43-inch Asus XG43UQ, which has a flat panel. That begs the question, “Is a 43-inch screen a desktop monitor?” It depends on the desktop, of course. The M32UC is a 32-inch curved screen definitely suited for desktop use, so let’s take a look.

Gigabyte M32UC Specs

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Panel Type / Backlight VA / W-LED, edge array
Screen Size / Aspect Ratio 32 inches / 16:9
Row 2 – Cell 0 Curve radius: 1500mm
Max Resolution & Refresh Rate 3840×2160 @ 144 Hz
Row 4 – Cell 0 160 Hz w/overclock
Row 5 – Cell 0 FreeSync: 48-144 Hz
Row 6 – Cell 0 G-Sync Compatible
Native Color Depth & Gamut 8-bit / DCI-P3
Row 8 – Cell 0 HDR10, DisplayHDR 400
Response Time (GTG) 2ms
Brightness (mfr) 400 nits
Contrast (mfr) 3,000:1
Speakers 2x 3w
Video Inputs 1x DisplayPort 1.4
Row 14 – Cell 0 2x HDMI 2.1
Row 15 – Cell 0 1x USB-C
Audio 3.5mm headphone output
USB 3.2 1x up, 3x down
Row 18 – Cell 0 USB-C upstream, KVM
Power Consumption 43.3w, brightness @ 200 nits
Panel Dimensions WxHxD w/base 28 x 17.8-21.7 x 7.2 inches (711 x 452-552 x 184mm)
Panel Thickness 4 inches (101mm)
Bezel Width Top/sides: 0.4 inch (10mm)
Row 23 – Cell 0 Bottom: 0.8 inch (21mm)
Weight 17.2 pounds (7.8kg)
Warranty 3 years

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