Gigabyte B760 Aorus Elite AX Review

The Gigabyte B760 Aorus Elite AX on our test bench hails from the budget side of Intel’s motherboard tracks. It’s priced at $179.99 at Newegg and reasonably priced overall and among its peers. For the money, you get a full-featured device with DDR5 support, three M.2 sockets and four SATA ports, integrated Wi-Fi 6E, and the familiar Aorus black-and-grey appearance that fits most build themes. It’s a capable, performant (in most tests) motherboard at an affordable price.

Gigabyte has a total of an incredible 48 SKUs on the B760 platform. From the high-end Aorus Master to the base Ultra Durable (UD) line, there must be a configuration and price option suitable for almost any user. The sheer number of options confuses even this seasoned reviewer; the average consumer would almost certainly be overwhelmed trying to decide which is best. Perhaps two of each size motherboard would be sufficient.

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