G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-7200 C36 48GB Review: Supercharged Non-Binary Performance

We put the G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-7200 48GB kit through the paces in our test suite and found it to be a strong contender for our list of best RAM. You’ve probably heard the terms “non-standard” or “non-binary” associated with some of the new DDR5 memory kits. This signifies that the kit’s capacity doesn’t conform to the standard capacities that we’ve been accustomed to. Memory integrated circuit (IC) capacity has typically come in a power of two formats because DRAM vendors previously used 8Gb (1GB), 16Gb (2GB), and 32Gb (4GB) chips for their DDR4 memory kits. However, the introduction of DDR5 memory has changed the game. DDR5 brought the debut of non-power-of-two ICs, commonly called non-binary, in the form of 24Gb (3GB) dies. 

Chipmakers have made significant progress in manufacturing processes to increase IC capacity. The latest 24Gb dies slot between the existing 16Gb and 32Gb ICs, allowing vendors to offer a density that was previously unavailable on the market. As a result, we’re now seeing 24GB memory modules, the halfway point between 16GB and 32GB, and 48GB memory modules with 50% more density than 32GB DIMMs. Non-binary memory has opened the doors for the best RAM to arrive in 2 x 24GB, 2 x 48GB, 4 x 24GB, and 4 x 48GB configurations.

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