Fortnite And Dead Space Crossover Is Rumored For January

It appears Motive Studio will be working with Epic Games for a Fortnite / Dead Space collaboration. Thanks to an Inside Gaming report, we know this collaboration is supposed to happen sometime in January, before the Dead Space remake launch on January 27. If the reports are true, this may be Fortnite’s first major collaboration of 2023–though certainly not its last. The reporter, Tom Henderson, has a good track record when reporting Fortnite rumors.

Fortnite is no stranger when it comes to bringing other IPs into its game. Recently, characters such as Doom Slayer from the Doom series and Geralt from The Witcher franchise have made their way into the latest battle pass for Chapter 4, Season 1.

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In other trailers leading up to the release of Chapter 4, characters/people from all walks of entertainment can be spotted with people such as YouTuber MrBeast making a brief appearance, Deku from the anime My Hero Academia, The Incredible Hulk from Marvel Comics, and more.

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