Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters Could Finally Be Coming To Switch And PS4

More classic Final Fantasy games could be coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 soon, as ESRB ratings for Final Fantasy I through VI have appeared online. Spotted on Reddit and screen-capped before the ESRB removed those console details, the Final Fantasy remasters have so far only been available on PC via Steam and mobile devices.

An announcement likely isn’t too far away, as the 35th-anniversary celebrations of the Final Fantasy franchise will be this week. Square Enix plans to mark the occasion with a livestream that will run from December 13-18 on Niconico Live and will feature several Final Fantasy developers as guests according to Famitsu. Back in 2021, Square Enix mentioned in a Q&A that it was willing to port the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters to other platforms if there was enough public interest from fans.

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The Pixel Remaster series was first announced in 2021, with the release of the six classic Final Fantasy games being mostly well-received. Aside from complaints about the chosen font being either too small or too modern for these retro revivals, the games have accurately retained their original 8 and 16-bit visual charm. This was a major complaint for anyone who bought the mobile remakes of these classics several years ago, as Square Enix opted to smooth out the pixels in an effort to create a more modern–but horrifying to retro purists–art direction for the beloved games.

The next couple of years will see plenty of modern Final Fantasy games released on PC and console as well. Final Fantasy XVI is officially launching on June 22, 2023, and will be followed by Final Fantasy VII Rebirth in Winter 2023.

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