Final Fantasy 7 Remake Buster Sword Controller Isn’t Practical, But Is Extremely Cool

Final Fantasy VII Remake can now be played with a Buster Sword controller, thanks to the ingenuity of controller-making maestro Super Louis 64.

In a video uploaded to Twitter over the weekend, Louis shows how his latest controller build can detect inputs like slashes, guards, and thrusts while battling some of the game’s early Shinra guard enemies. The only problem is thrusting and swinging a giant, heavy sword to play a video game isn’t exactly practical, but that’s not exactly the point. Even if Louis looks worn out after testing out the controller weapon, it’s still cool to see it in action and just goes to show how fantastical it is that Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife can swing around the massive piece of steel for hours like it’s no problem.

This is hardly the most outlandish controller Louis has ever come up with. His most recent project has been working on making specific controllers for each of Final Fantasy XIV’s classes. That quest recently saw him create a book controller in order to play the MMORPG’s Scholar class, where scribbling in the book in real life allows him to cast spells in-game. When asked when he was going to craft a controller for FFXIV’s Dark Knight class, Louis on Twitter says he may have had an “ulterior motive” in making the Buster Sword controller first.

Sword controller’s aren’t exactly new for Louis, as he crafted katana controllers to play Ghost of Tsushima and as the Samurai class in FFXIV. He’s also beaten Elden Ring using a Rock Band controller, made a controller out of pizza, found a myriad of uses for Ring Fit Adventure’s unique exercise controller, and more.

If nothing else, Louis will be all set for when Final Fantasy VII Rebirth releases Holiday 2023, which will continue Square Enix’s retelling of the original Final Fantasy VII albeit with updated visuals, more action-focused combat, and some interesting wrinkles that may change the game’s story moving forward. Square Enix recently released Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, a remake of a formerly PSP-only spinoff starring Zack Fair. GameSpot’s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion review called the remake a “must-play, especially for fans of the Final Fantasy VII saga.”

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