Fan-Made Fallout: Miami Expansion Gets Soundtrack With Nearly 100 Songs

Fallout: Miami is a gargantuan fan expansion for Fallout 4 that has been in the works for years, and the development team have partnered with Scarlet Moon Records to release the nearly 100 songs that will be available in the final release.

The first of these is Stories of Fallout: Miami Original Game Soundtrack, an 80-track collection that features “a diverse collection of ambient and combat compositions” and draws inspiration from Fallout composers Mark Morgan and Inon Zur–with a little extra Miami flavor.

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“The unique setting of the mod offered us many opportunities to elaborate on the base game’s score and to include original timbral touches where appropriate to reflect certain unmistakable cultural and musical characteristics of Miami and the Sunshine State,” music lead Sergey Neiss said in the announcement.

Stories of Fallout: Miami – Songs of Miami Wave Radio, meanwhile, is an 18-track collection with music spanning styles from ’40s-era pop to jazz, calypso, and surf rock. It also includes a cover of “Moons of Miami,” which makes us want Denny’s for some reason.

In the promotional video above, you can see–and, of course, hear–how much work has been put into bringing the post-apocalyptic Floridian setting to live… or death, as it were. Both music collections will be available beginning March 14 across major streaming platforms. You can preorder the original game soundtrack and Songs of Miami Radio now.

Fallout: Miami has no release date yet, but an initial episode called Miami Misadventures is available to download on both PC and Xbox One.

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