Facial Recognition Passport

facial recondition passport

Now your face is your passport at Sydney airport. Australia has installed this revolutionary technology Facial Recognition Passport at Sydney airport. To make the boarding process fastest, avoiding queues to make the traveling experience swift and smoother.

Let me clear your ambiguities. You guys have latest smartphones with facial unlock feature and iris scanner. This feature let you unlock your smartphone buy bringing your phone in front of your face to detect your face and unlock. There is another iris scanner that works with your eyes, it scans and detects your eyes and unlocks your smartphone.

Surprised? You should!

But now the technology has moved a step ahead where your face will be your passport. In future you don’t need passport anymore at few airports where this technology will be implemented.

First of all, 2007 Australian airport had started smart gates for foreigner passengers. The work of these smart gates was to read the data of your passport and scan your face by capturing the photo. After scanning the system checks can verifies if the photo on the passport and face is matching then it allows you to board, if does not match you guys better know the second option, yes you cannot fly.

Furthermore, this facial recognition passport technology has been deployed at Sydney. Now very soon you will not need your passport when you are traveling to certain countries where this technology will be installed.  With its automated facial recognition passport system the entire process of boarding will take few seconds. It is not still confirmed what will be the success rate of this technology.

The test has been started with the travelers who does not wear eye contact lens / glasses. System is able to capture your face, eyes and other facial data which it stores and let you go ahead if there is no issue. By this fastest process you won’t need any passport, any immigration officer or stamp to proceed.

Finally,  if you forget your passport for some certain countries. You won’t need any passport because this facial recognition passport system will make your face your passport.


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