Elden Ring: Where To Get The Coil Shield

Though you can technically use them to deal damage, most shields in Elden Ring are, well, meant for doing things shields tend to do, like blocking and parrying. In the case of the Coil Shield, though, there’s a very special skill attached that can be a lot of fun for poison-based builds–and it looks cool to boot. If that sounds fun to you, read on to find out where you can pick it up.

The Coil Shield explained

The Coil Shield is a small shield that requires 10 Strength and 10 Dexterity to wield. Its unique weapon skill is Viper Bite, which can be activated to deal a bit of damage and inflict poison buildup on enemies, making it a truly unique shield.

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The Coil Shield’s item description reads:

Armament designed for gladitorial combat. rises above its peers as a particularly showy specimen. The sculpted bronze snake is a poisonous breed, boosting the weilder’s resistance to poison.

Where to find the Coil Shield

The Coil Shield can be found inside Volcano Cave, which is embedded in the side of Mt. Gelmir northeast of the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite. Once inside, you’ll need to proceed past the Site of Grace within and fight the first pack of Demi-Humans and then head through the right path with a torch.

Volcano Cave

When you reach a spot where you can drop off, fall down onto the middle ledge–not all the way down to the bottom. Follow the nearby pathway until you reach a room–fighting off any Demi-Humans along the way–until you reach an open area with three items. One of these is the Coil Shield.

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