Drupe Dialer

I bet you will forget your standard Dialer once you try Drupe Dialer. If you want everything in one app for Contacts, Caller ID, Phone Dialer, Call Recorder, Call blocker, Car mode and Numerous advanced features you must install it. After using Drupe, you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Drupe comes with an in-app call recorder, has an ultra-organized phone book, can be just a swipe away on your homescreen. It’s worth giving Drupe a shot.

Drupe Dialer is really a great app with a user-friendly interface with so many features. It provides a clean and efficient way to communicate with your favorite and/or most recent contacts.

If you can just tolerate the ads you can enjoy most of its features but there are few that needs to be upgraded to premium.

After installation and initial customization what you will love is its dots. Yes this is the key feature of this application you will love the dots, these are easily customizable and move-able. This is simply and truly so intuitive & customizable. It also shows the Caller ID when you phone rings, it has auto call recorder that can save thousands of recorded calls inside its interface. Drupe Dialer has car mode, when you drive, this will automatically detect the drive and switches itself to car mode which will allow you easy to operate during the drive (hey guys don’t use phones during drive, its just a feature).

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